1st 50,000: Free T-shirt From Wendys

UPDATE: No longer available to request, but you can still enter to win 1 of 3,000

Click here to visit the Wendys application and either play the games or press skip. Once you get to the registration screen, you’ll be able to choose the shirt and size you’d like.

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Image credit: Wendy's ; thanks mommax2in2006

64 thoughts on “1st 50,000: Free T-shirt From Wendys”

  1. It said that I was registered for a drawing on 11/27 to win a free tee, not that I was actually going to receive a free tee.

  2. I went through the whole thing… but then it did not let me select a size for any of the styles and I could not submit the form without selecting a size.

  3. Is this a new contest? Says I’m already signed up which would have had to be when they gave shirts out before. Or are they going to start it over again soon?

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