2 Free Samples Of Giorgio Armani Fragrance

Click here to visit the Giorgio Armani facebook and like them. Then on the “Code For The Holidays” tab, click “Get A Sample” under one of the bottles of perfume. Fill out your shipping info on the popup and then click the back button and do the same with the other bottle.

Also if you haven’t already, please click here to like Sample Stuff on facebook too :)

Image Credit: Giorgio Armani ; thanks madrascaldavid

16 thoughts on “2 Free Samples Of Giorgio Armani Fragrance”

  1. How do I get these samples of Armani?My son loves it!(so do I love smellin it on a man.)…?It’s so sexy&yummy!!

  2. my husband really love Giorgio armani frangrance…i hope i will get one of these sample.

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