Free 2012 Pillsbury Calender (Comes With Recipe Cards)

UPDATE: Gone lightening quick 🙁

Click here to visit the Pillsbury site and fill out the easy form to request your free 2012 calender. Hurry because though because they have limited quantities. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Pillsbury ; thanks reverendk

19 thoughts on “Free 2012 Pillsbury Calender (Comes With Recipe Cards)”

  1. Just recceived notification about their free recipe cards and calendar for 2012,now their website says they are gone:(

  2. Why do you tease us & fail to follow thru? I started out filling out the form yesterday, only to submit & find out they were all gone.
    Today I find out as soon as I clicked they were all gone AGAIN!
    Mean. . .

    • Hey Deidre please keep in mind that I don’t work with these companies. I only post things that were working when i tried it 🙂

  3. very disapointed. member since 12/23/08. asked for free calender you said no more. maybe you should consider having at least enough for your members.thank you

  4. i cant believe there gone already i have my 2011 and love it. the recepies and the big calender. if get more in please send me one thank you judy meyers

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