Free Keebler Fudge Jumbo Stick Sample

UPDATE: No longer available

Univision is offering a Free Keebler Fudge Jumbo Stick Sample on their site, but their site is in Spanish. No worries though first click here to visit their site and click the yellow box all the way on the bottom right. (Haz Clic Aqui). On the next page you can fill out your shipping info. Here’s the direct translation for the required fields:

Nombre – Name
Apellido – Last name
Dirección – Address
Ciudad – City
Estado – State
Codigo Postal – Zip Code
Fecha de nacimiento – Date Of Birth
Enviar – Enter

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Keebler ; thanks lostit!

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  1. Thanks but it was WAY too difficult to “convert” to English. This is AMERICA ya know. I did complete it though and will get my sample cause I love these!

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