Free Suave Professionals Hair Care Products

NOTE: If you’ve done this already it might not let you again. The answers should be  B, B , A, A, A, A, B, A (thanks Laura!)

Click here to visit the Suave site and watch the short videos by clicking the icons at the bottom of the site and then pick the correct answers. The more you answer correct the better your prize will be. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Suave

9 thoughts on “Free Suave Professionals Hair Care Products”

  1. *NOTE: Contest Ends Nov.27(Sun.) & NOTE: They have Run Out of the Top 2 Prizes, so U can actuallu Get 2Questions wrong & Still recieve The 1 & Only GRAND PRIZE!
    I Got MiNe!! {even though I had 7 failed attempts over past 60days!} LoL Thanks for the Cheat Sheet! 😉

  2. I did it a good while back and I just did it again and I am still getting a free product for doing it. Cool thanks!!

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