Free Rental Code for Blockbuster Express

If you have a Blockbuster Express Kiosk nearby, then you can use this new promo code: DOLLARDEAL to get a free rental. You can find your nearest Blockbuster Express locations by clicking here. Code expires on 12/22

Remember these are only good for the $1 movies and they’re due by 9 pm the following day. If you try to rent anything above $1, it’ll just take a $1 off.

Image credit: Blockbuster

11 thoughts on “Free Rental Code for Blockbuster Express”

  1. Same as you, and everyone else I know, saving money is a huge concern, never more so than with Christmas right around the bend. I’ve recently started saving a ton of money just by being a DISH customer, they bought Blockbuster and now offer customers access to the Blockbuster Movie Pass, which will get me DVD’s through the mail or streamed to me, and I can get games, too. I was able to get the same thing I was before with Netflix and Gamefly, only now I pay ten bucks a months instead of over thirty. I heard about this through my job at DISH and signed up right away…twenty bucks a month may not seem like much to some people, but I know it’s helped me get stocking stuffers for my kids this month.

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