Free Sample Of Activate (Select Areas Only)

UPDATE: You can click here to see if it’s sold in your area before you allow their app

  1. Click here to visit their app and allow it
  2. You’ll be redirected to their facebook where you can like them
  3. Then on the “Activate Giveaway” tab enter your zip code to see if you qualify for a free sample

Want To Delete an Application?

  1. Click “account” in the top right corner
  2. Click privacy settings
  3. On the lower left side it says Applications and Websites, click “edit your settings” and then click it again on the next page. From there you should be able to remove the application
Image Credit: Activate ; thanks fst

4 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Activate (Select Areas Only)”

  1. just so you know i liked them, allowed their app and that included being able to post as me? going to go and fix that! put ion zip code, filled out all info on address etc and then it just stays on the page without saying anything about how i am supposed to be able to get one for free! they do sell it in my area and i found a link to a coupon that i thought was it but it was only for .55cents off one! don’t know what the heck they are doing! i checked my email about 10 minutes after i signed up for one but nothing in in or junk boxes from them. maybe they will be mailing it? they say absolutely nothing about how to get one for free! others who posted on their page said much the same thing only LOTS of them got error msgs after filling out info. guess we will have to wait it out and see.

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