1st 80,000: Free Sample Of Crystal Light Energy

UPDATE: No longer available 

Note: Their site is slow to load

Click here to visit the Crystal Light site and let it load. Then click the “like” button on the middle of the screen. A form should then show up under it, where you can request your free sample. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Image credit: Crystal Light ; thanks armywifeandtwo

58 thoughts on “1st 80,000: Free Sample Of Crystal Light Energy”

  1. Crystal Light Energy Sample Offer is Coming Soon….
    Please check back on 1/8/2012 for an opportunity
    to request your sample.

  2. It’s slow because there is wayyyy too much stuff on it…the background alone is NUTS. But here i sit, waiting.
    Thanks for posting all the offers. You are awesome.

  3. NOPE still can’t get it. This is ridiculous. In spite of what you say it does NOT load. Another bad ad…

  4. The address I furnished is my correct one for over 30 years. entered it again and it still did not take. Don’t understand.

  5. wish i would have been able to score this freebie 🙁 i pay for this each week and never go without it so i thought as much as i buy it would be great to get it for free 1 time 🙁 this site is too slow so i said forget this and moved on

  6. Yay! I got through tonight. Yesterday was horribly slow, but with great deals, I think that is to be expected. TY for posting this. I LOVE Crystal Light and am anticipating trying thee energy type.

  7. Did not work for me to get free samples. Would of been nice followed the reading did it twice will not give me a form to fill out.

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