Free Downy Unstopable Samples On 1/17

UPDATE: Gone within 3 blinks :( I didn’t get it, but hopefully you guys were able to. If not they said they’re doing more giveaways all week

Just a heads up, this is what Downy posted on their facebook:

“2012 sounds like a good year and a great number of samples to giveaway. Be sure to visit us Tuesday @ 5:00 pm EST for your first chance to sign up for a Downy Unstopables Sample. Remember we are giving away 2012 samples of Downy Unstopables a day, every day for 7 days, so that you can have a fresh start to the New Year! Tell a friend, and let the freshness begin!”

Image Credit: Downy

79 thoughts on “Free Downy Unstopable Samples On 1/17”

  1. I’m looking forward to trying out Downy Unstopables… I have been wantinting to try them for a while now!

  2. Downy says it all. The best on the market. Little high priced, but get coupons. I want to try all the free samples.

  3. this stuff rocks….I wash the dogs bedding with it and even they smell good after laying on the beds. Wohooooo Downy rocks

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