Free KY Jelly + Moneymaker @ Walmart

UPDATE: Back again!

Coupons just released a new coupon good for $3.00 Off any KY product. Click here to visit their site and print it. It should be automatically linked, but if needed use the zip code 55555 and click the “Personal Care” category to find it faster. (Second page for me)

Most Walmarts have their 2oz priced around $2.50, so free after coupon + you’ll have an overage that you can apply towards other items.

Image Credit: Coupons ; thanks sss

5 thoughts on “Free KY Jelly + Moneymaker @ Walmart”

  1. I tried using this at my local WalMart (Chicago area) and they would not accept the coupon. The coupon does not have the old fashioned kind of barcode that their system can scan. The manager told me Wal Mart will not take this kind of coupon.

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