Free Weight Watcher Cookbook – Given Away Every Hour (10,000 Total)

Every hour until 9 pm (Eastern Time) Dr. Oz will be giving away a limited number of Weight Watcher Cookbooks. Click here to visit his site (I’d wait until the top of the hour) and register. If you made it, you’ll immediately be notified and will be asked to verify shipping address for prize fulfillment.

Image Credit: Dr. Oz ; thanks h2s

51 thoughts on “Free Weight Watcher Cookbook – Given Away Every Hour (10,000 Total)”

  1. I want a free weight watchers cookbook. Eating healthy this year and I’m lost trying to come up with Ideas for dinner

  2. I would love to have one of these, weight watcher cook books. I am always looking for great tasting healthy receipes!!Thanks Dr.Oz

  3. I would love to try some of the recipes. I have some food allergies and looking for ways around some of them.

  4. I’ve just joined a bunch of ladies and we are all trying to lose a few lbs, I’m going to have back surgery soon, so I really would love to have a book to start cooking the right way.

  5. Love me some WEIGHT WATCHERS! I have lost almost 80 pounds and feel the best I have felt in many, many years!

  6. I just tried to snag one at 8 pm because I kept missing it all day and got a box stating that it was already over. Not that they were out for the hour, but that it was over (as if they ran out of the 10,000 before the final hour). 🙁

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