Trimming Dollars Off Your Plan To Get In Shape

Here we are already at the end of the first month of a new year, with February coming on fast. And, as most of us have already “discovered,” we left our New Year’s goals of trimming down & getting fit way back along the trail somewhere between the end of the college football bowl season and the first few days of playing catch-up at work after the holiday season. Your intentions to get to the store to get some new workout gear for the gym has been challenged by the Holiday bills rolling in, and your opportunities to actually get to the gym have been swallowed up by a new project or three. So, how do we tackle these challenges? And how to we get ourselves back in shape? And how do we get in shape without falling farther down the rabbit hole of debt? Here are a couple of ideas to help trim dollars off your plan to get in shape.

Check out some workout DVDs. At the front end of the year, these DVDs are generally in the sale advertisements in your local newspaper. By picking up something new, and making some space at home, you can mix up your workouts and work at home – cutting out the cost of a gym membership. Not finding anything in your local ads? How about checking out the electronics section – or what they categorize as an electronics section – at the local closeouts store. Recently, I picked up two different DVDs for a very affordable cost. After price comparison in local ads, and online, I managed to save a few bucks off of the already low price of last year’s releases. They may be mildly dated, but that doesn’t mean the workouts are any less effective. If those ideas aren’t working for you, or still don’t hit your budget, see if you can check out a few at the local library.

Add a new piece of workout equipment to your home gym. Just like DVDs, workout equipment shows up this time of year during several weeks to capitalize on the general public’s perception of starting new workout routines with the beginning of a new year. Other options to find equipment: garage & estate sales, online websites, or the posting boards at work. Although this equipment may be used, and not have as many of the bells & whistles of new equipment, you may also get it at an affordable price. Last year, I was looking for a rowing machine. Before I clicked on a model that I thought was affordable, I called my dad. I asked him to keep his eye out for a used rower when he visits estate sales. Less than one week later, I had a rower, and saved $140 over what I was going to buy online. Of course, the used model does not have all of the amenities, but it serves its function well – pushing my workouts to a new level.

Working out at home utilizing DVD programs and workout equipment is a viable way to trim dollars off of your fitness budget. DVD workout programs are a cost-effective alternative that may provide you with a good workout, minus the costs of a personal trainer. Workout equipment purchased either used or on sale can provide you with the opportunity to save time and money by working out at home. These are just a couple of ideas to help trim your budget while you trim down.

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