Free $35 P&G Coupon Booklet

If you’ve requested this the last time we posted them, then it’s officially been 30 days, so you should be able to request them again. 🙂 Click here to visit the P&G site and then signin or register to request your free P&G $35 coupon booklet. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: P&G

152 thoughts on “Free $35 P&G Coupon Booklet”

  1. I did this a few months back. It had a lot, I kept in my truck, or stuck in my purse when I went to the store. Love It!

  2. I have three times entered m date of birth, and continue to get instructed to Please Enter Birth Date.
    What the heck??!!

  3. I have numerous times entered my date of birth, but continue to get instructions to please enter my date of birth! What the heck??!

  4. I have used to many P & G products in my 53 years. I am excited to get the coupons. I love all the products. Would have to say I use several a day. Thanks!

  5. Usually your coupon books don’t have anything that country or low income people buy; most are worthless to me!!!

    • Ummm so don’t use it then? I don’t know why you’re complaining here either, Sample Stuff just finds the links for us

  6. I could really use the coupon booklet! As t the one saying country people dont use that sort of stuff……r u reffering to toilet paper,lol

  7. Thanks so much for the extra coupons I use all of them before they expire…I wear a T Shirt that says”Ive got a coupon for that”

  8. I don’t like that I have to register to get this. I didn’t,and I won’t. It’s just getting too much to register get all those emails even when you tell them not to send any,then you have to go through and unsub each one.

  9. I love using proctor and gamble products. I look forward to there coupon inserts in the Sunday paper!!!

  10. Well I couldn’t remember my password and was locked out and try in today and it said to reset it and then said I was locked out again.I have never seen a site so hard to get the right.Please help me get back in.I love your company.

  11. I love P&G products and love using coupons. Thanks so much for the help. Being disabled we are trying to keep our groceries to a minimum

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