1st 20,000: Free Sample Crystal Light Energy Citrus

Note: Their site is slow to load, but I think this link is the direct form

Click here to visit the Crystal Light facebook and like them. Then on the “Crystal Light Insider” tab, play their 4 games. (I just picked random answers) At this point I couldn’t go any further, but after the fourth game, you should get a popup that lets you request a free sample.

Image Credit: Crystal Light; thanks felixthefrog

34 thoughts on “1st 20,000: Free Sample Crystal Light Energy Citrus”

  1. I tried this twice. Played the game all the way through and then it wouldn’t load the free sample link. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Didn’t work for me at first…so I tried to go back to the page later. When i returned my form was there waiting for me and it worked. Glad I got it!

  3. i drink crystal light all the time. my favorite is green tea with honey and lemon…thanks for all the great flavors!

  4. i have tried this in the past and i really liked it, i forgot all about it until now. i will be getting them again

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