Free Sun-Maid 100th Anniversary Cookbook

Click here to visit the Sun-Maid site and fill out the form to request a free┬áSun-Maid 100th Anniversary Cookbook. (You can choose the “New Taste Of Tradition” or “Fruit & Sunschine cookbooks instead also)

For more Sun-Maid cookbooks, you can click here

Image Credit: Sun-Maid ; thanks lostit

6 thoughts on “Free Sun-Maid 100th Anniversary Cookbook”

  1. There is no line for an e-mail address on the request form for the c ookbook but when I try to submit, it insists I put an email address in. Page definitely has an eror on it and I can’t get the cookbook!

  2. I love raisin and peanut butter sandwiches with a glass of milk. I have been laughed at for this combination.

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