1st 20,000: Free Cookie From Quaker

UPDATE: No longer available

UPDATE: I had to refresh the Redplum site a few times

  1. Click here to visit the Quaker facebook and like them.
  2. Go to the “Free Sample” tab
  3. Click “Click here to register”
  4. Allow their app (you might have to click “Submit again)
  5. Click “Click here for a sample”
  6. Enter your shipping info
  7. Done 🙂

Want To Delete an Application?

  1. Click “account” in the top right corner
  2. Click privacy settings
  3. On the lower left side it says Applications and Websites, click “edit your settings” and then click it again on the next page. From there you should be able to remove the application
Image Credit: Quaker 

21 thoughts on “1st 20,000: Free Cookie From Quaker”

  1. I tried several times to get the free cookie, but could never get beyond the submit button. I really like Quaker products too and was excited to try something new.

  2. got to part where i choose which kind i want then crashed now i cant even try it again says address already requested

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