Free Charms For New Sneekpeeq Members + $10 Credit

  1. Click here to visit the Sneakpeeq site
  2. Click “Signin” and login with your facebook
  3. Click “Get Your Reward”
  4. Click “Share and see your prize” – I didn’t have to actually share it with anyone
  5. You should have received a “Welcome Gift” badge
  6. Now hover over “Style” and click “Charmed Life” on the dropdown menu
  7. Click the picture of the 4 charms
  8. Click “peeq for your price” – Should be $0
  9. Click “buy now”
  10. Enter your shipping info
  11. Done 🙂
Image Credit: Sneeqpeek

12 thoughts on “Free Charms For New Sneekpeeq Members + $10 Credit”

  1. I have tried this for the scarf…always got an ERROR message…every time. tried it for the charms and still get the ERROR message. my “Welcome Gift” badge expires in 4 days. =(

  2. it says it is free for members and i cant get them then it says you earn 100 each share i did it twice and it does not show me that it is trying to charge me 9 dollars for a charm dont understand what that is about

  3. Never got the scarf either. Can’t see a “get your reward” button. Sneakpeeq needs to do something about site.

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