1st 25,000: 2 Free Canisters Of Clorox Wipes For Teachers


Here’s one for all you awesome teachers out there. Click here to visit the Clorox site and follow the instructions on the screen to score 2 coupons good for canisters of Clorox courtesy of Clorox.

According to their site

  1. Sign up for Canisters for Classrooms. (If you are not yet registered with us or currently signed in, you will first be redirected to our registration page.)
  2. Put Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes on your back-to-school list.
  3. Submit your list into the Canisters for Classrooms program.
  4. Look out for 2 FREE coupons*, each good for one FREE Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes canister, mailed to you at your school.
  5. Start the year off right with a clean and healthier classroom!
Image Credit: Clorox; thanks airlinesinc

6 thoughts on “1st 25,000: 2 Free Canisters Of Clorox Wipes For Teachers”

  1. Sweet!! Wipes for your school!! Free at that. Sign up and hopefully you will get either a coupon for a free canister of these wipes or a coupon !! Good luck everyone!!

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