1st 457,000: Free Target Spring Beauty Bag

NOTE: With so many people on at once, their site is slow to load at the moment. My trick for this is opening the link in 6 tabs. Usually at least one of them goes through 🙂

Click here to visit the Target facebook and like them. Then on the “Target Spring Beauty Bag Giveaway” you should be able to request your freebie.

Image Credit: Target; thanks ihaveadeal

226 thoughts on “1st 457,000: Free Target Spring Beauty Bag”

  1. It’s working, the server is just overloaded. Hey SampleStuff: You know by opening lots of tabs you’re actually contributing to the slowness!

  2. Takes forever to load the Giveaway page. And when it finally loads and you click the button to enter your information, you get an error message.

  3. It would be really nice if the link actually worked. How about giving all of the ones that ‘tried’ to get this offer the free target spring beauty bag for all the hassle we had to go through!

  4. I tryed to the Target Spring Beauty Bag. and everytime i tryed to go and sign up i would get a blank page. i did that for about 6 times. So i thought that was enough. so if you could help i would like that very much.

  5. I finally got the page to load, but it said “There’s already a beauty bag with your name on it.” I never got one, though… 🙁

  6. Keep trying folks!! It is VERY slow to open the page, etc!! But, I opened 4 pages with the link and they all went thru, so I was able to sign up. These are great travel size items.

  7. I have tried for the last hour and NOTHING. All I get is a blank page. Not worth it to keep trying I guess. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

  8. it keeps saying opps you have one with your name already but i did not put no information or address

  9. Got blank screen and waited quite some time. Would really love to get it. However looks like I won’t.

  10. I tried again and it looks like I will be getting it after all. This just made my day. So looking forward to receiving it. Thank you Target!

  11. I clicked submit 2 or 3 times. I don’t know if I got one or not, guess I will see in 4 to 8 weeks?

  12. I got all my information typed in and hit submit and nothing else happened. hope I get the bag

  13. I finally got the page to come up and it will let me put in my address but it will not let me put in my name so whats up with that

  14. Link isn’t working and I really would like to receive one of these Target Beauty Bags.

  15. I love target i get all my baby stuff there and all my clothes and my nine year ols clothes and all her school supplies loving it. thank you

  16. I got my confirmation number! Make sure you have cookies enabled for this one or it won’t validate.

  17. Thanks,Target!You have the cleanest,nicest stores&staff,&more varieties than I’ve seen even in Super Walmart!I’ll always shop at Target!

  18. Thank you so much for all you do. I give more than I receive, I would totally give more to those in need. I appreciate all you do, God bless

  19. I hope people are reading the terms and conditions section! To sign up for a chance to receive a free Beauty Bag, go to http://www.facebook.com/targetstyle (the “Page”) and click on the Spring Beauty Bag Giveaway tab to access the Promotion Application (the “Promotion Application”).

    It is a giveaway! Not everyone that signs up will get the free bag.

    • I love Target too, but it doesn’t mean that the bag is free. Wish it were. Im gonna pass on this. I dont do giveaways. Waste of time.

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