Free Alpo Real Dogs of America Membership Kit

UPDATE: Back again

Click here to visit the Alpo facebook and like them. Then on the “Real Dogs” tab, scroll to the bottom and click “Join Now” and you’ll be able to request your free kit which includes real dog papers, real dog on board magnetic vehicle sticker, real dogs eat meat handbook, and more.

Image credit: Alpo ; thanks Dizzylady

14 thoughts on “Free Alpo Real Dogs of America Membership Kit”

  1. I have 12 dogs, 10 cats, hermit crab, rabbit, and 2 cock-a-tiels, need all the help I can get with freebies, my husband of 27 yrs. passed, then 2 months later I lost my job of 17 years. Havent been able to find a job in almost 2 yrs.would love samples.

  2. They are all gone or I am having problems getting on the site…Wish they could post when they are all gone…

  3. I just typed my whole response, clicked on the survey to answer the last question, and my response was gone

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