Free Pearl Ring For New Sneakpeeq Members + $10 Credit

Note: I was on the fence about posting this one since everyone’s still waiting on their last freebie (free scarf), but a lot of our fans on facebook have said they’ve gotten this already, so I figured I would post it.

  1. Click here to visit the Sneakpeeq site
  2. Click “Signin” and allow their app
  3. Click “Get Your Reward”
  4. Click “Share and see your prize” – I didn’t have to actually share it with anyone
  5. You should have received a “Welcome Gift” badge
  6. Now hover over “Style” and click “Pearls Of Wisdom” on the dropdown menu
  7. Click the picture of the Pearl Earrings
  8. Click “peeq for your price” – Should be $0
  9. Click “buy now”
  10. Enter your shipping info
  11. Done 🙂
Image Credit: Sneeqpeek

10 thoughts on “Free Pearl Ring For New Sneakpeeq Members + $10 Credit”

  1. I got my ring in the mail today. It’s really cute. Not sure if it’s made out of high quality stuff but it certainly looks like it is.

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