Free Products From Vitacost (Works For New Users Only)

Vitacost is still offering new users a free $10 credit. You can use this to score their vitamin d3 tablets for free (which comes with free shipping on your entire order) and use the $5.01 left over to score another product for free. Here’s how:

  1. Click here to visit the Vitacost site and click “Click Here Now”
  2. Create an account with a valid email
  3. Check your email within a few minutes and you should have a unique promotional code good for $10 off
  4. Now click here and add their Vitamin D3 to your cart, which will give you free shipping off your entire order (good until 4/12 or while supplies last)
  5. You should have $5.01 left over, so search their store and find something you can use it on
  6. Now at checkout just enter the code they gave you where it asks for “Source Code.” You have to give your credit card, but they don’t charge you if your total is $0
  7. Done 🙂
Image Credit: Vitacost; thanks lenalei

6 thoughts on “Free Products From Vitacost (Works For New Users Only)”

  1. not working for me. It keeps asking for my credit card, and won’t go past that. I followed instructions carefully, and tried several times. No luck on this one

  2. I bought 2 completely different beauty type items. I did pay 4.99 for shipping but these items were worth $10. I think that’s still a good deal.

  3. Thanks for this. I got the vitamin D3 and a pill cutter, which I have needed forever! Plus, they have a referral thing where I can can get another $10 for referring a friend.

  4. did this.. got the coupon, but it won’t give me free shipping at all.. always wants the 4.99 ship, which isn’t bad, but would MUCH rather have it free

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