1st Million: Free Sample Of Finish Quantum Dishwashing Detergent

NOTE: For this one, you might have to refresh the screen a few times. If you can’t get it now, no worries. According to their site, they’re giving away 1 million samples, so you can try again later when less people are on.

  1. Click here to visit the Finish facebook and like them.
  2. Then on the “Get Free Samples” tab, click “Get Sample” and allow their app.
  3. Fill out your shipping
  4. Invite a friend (Feel free to click here to add us on facebook and invite us if you don’t want to bother anyone)
  5. Done 🙂

Want To Delete an Application?

  1. Click “account” in the top right corner
  2. Click privacy settings
  3. On the lower left side it says Applications and Websites, click “edit your settings” and then click it again on the next page. From there you should be able to remove the application
Image Credit: Finish

20 thoughts on “1st Million: Free Sample Of Finish Quantum Dishwashing Detergent”

  1. It will not load to the right pg it keeps going back to the free sample pg and every time u click here for free sample it keeps going back to the same pg

  2. Thanks Finish Quantum!! Can’t wait to receive your product for the dishwasher! My current brand hasn’t been doing so well, maybe it’s time for a switch to QUANTUM……..

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