Free Sample Of Mio Lemonade

UPDATE: No longer available 

UPDATE: Someone asked on their facebook about it being slow and they said “Hey there! We are fixing it. Thanks for being patient.” So if it’s not working for you, then check back in a little bit

NOTE: With so many people on at once, their site is slow to load at the moment. If it helps, my trick is opening the link in 6 tabs. Usually at least one of them goes through…

Click here to visit the Mio facebook and like them. Then on the “Mio-Watering Hole” tab, click “Get Free Lemonade.” Then click “Share” and you should be able to request your freebie. (You don’t actually have to share it, I just exited the popup)

Image Credit: Mio; thanks Mena!

68 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Mio Lemonade”

  1. Post from MIO on their FB page: MiO: Hi guys! There isn’t any sampling right now. Someone found an image about MiO and sampling and tweeted out the link to it. Keep an eye out for our status messages and tweets for real info. Thanks!!

  2. Where is the free sample link? You have to click on the like button and then ..nothing. They want to look good to others but fail to deliver what they supposedly offer.

  3. 🙁 tried several times to get a sample but could not get through…when i finally did there was no more samples. too many requests i guess. i would like to try this product but really dont want to spend $4 just to try it and then i might not like it. hope you give out more samples soon!

  4. Not working for me either…hate these things that say they work and don’t! Or post and then say all gone…sighs

  5. Totally not cool that it isn’t working. I am very disappointed. I have been a facebook fan of Mio since it came out and that sucks

  6. Worked just fine for me. When you click on get free lemonade it drops down to the next box that asks you to share. Then a box pops up asking you for your shipping information and to select which lemonade you want.

  7. worked for me, you have to click the share button for fb and the pop up will come up to put in your addy.

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