Free Sample Of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner (Text Offer)

UPDATE: Looks like this is no longer available 

Note: My first text took about 3-5 minutes to come. Also keep in mind standard messaging rates apply

Text TIDE to 467467 and reply back with your age, address, etc. For doing so they’ll send you a free sample of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. Hurry though because these always go quick.

Image Credit: Tide

46 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner (Text Offer)”

  1. I am pretty sure a smartphone isn’t required……It’s a TEXT message…and even the old flip phones have texting capabilities……

  2. How can I text to request for free sample? I tried couple of times and it kept text me “mgs failed” please help cuz I would love one of those sample! Thanks!

  3. Could not get this to work, kept a message saying “Sorry, we didn’t understand your text.” I really wanted to try this 🙁

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