Free Sample Of Toms of Maine Kids Toothpaste

UPDATE: No longer available 

If you haven’t requested it already, the Tom’s of Maine sample is back. Just type in into your browser to visit their site and fill out the short form to request your free Tom’s of Maine sample. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Startsampling ; thanks lostit

22 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Toms of Maine Kids Toothpaste”

  1. I have heard that all of your products are good but at this time in my life I can’t afford to puchase them. I am going through a Divorce and have no money not even for food so I would love to try this product si at least my mouth will smell good . Thanks

  2. I second what Mariah said. I always joke around that I’ll always have toothpaste to eat when I eventually have more money issues than I can deal with..

  3. I can’t wait to let the girls try Tom’s Strawberry toothpaste. It sounds good enough they might want to eat it.

  4. My daughter has a hard time with many tooth paste BUT, She LOVES Tom’s!! 🙂 thanks for offering this sample!!!

  5. just got mine, my daughter says it tastes funny but that she likes it, a bit different from the regular bubblegum flavored kids paste

  6. I tried several times to get this free sample and try your product!!! For some reason it wouldnt connect me to where i needed to be to fill out the form!!!

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