1st 3,000: Free Friskies Boredom Buster Kit

UPDATE: No longer available according to their app

NOTE: It’s still slow, but I added the direct link below, so it should work slightly better.

I’m having some trouble with this one, but hopefully you all will have better luck. Click here to visit the Friskies app and there should be a form that you can fill out to request your freebie. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Friskies

30 thoughts on “1st 3,000: Free Friskies Boredom Buster Kit”

  1. wher are the samples & the coupons I did everything the page required me to do except where I get anything.

  2. our 2 kities-(both senior citizens) like the shreded friskies-sometimes hard to find-but they love the brand-Mitzie is about 20years -and still going strong-Kiki is a youngster of 12-

  3. No Freebies. Is this giveaway live yet or not? Doesn’t look like it to me. I only got STAY TUNED and no viable link for the GIVEAWAYS section. Anybody have anything new to add or any info?

  4. Why do people do this, their was nothing to fill out, I personally wanted to try this product, Thanks

  5. Just an FYI—–I was able to pull it on IE only, but the Treatment and Support tab -that’s were the giveaway will be- the giveaway has yet to start- it still states “Stay Tuned”

  6. Sample stuff gave us the wrong link. The link is on Friskies facebook post about the contest.

  7. too bad there isn’t any more free stuff from you guys, as my cat eats a case of the wet food a month

  8. I am sorry I missed this. I am busy raising 3 grandchildren and just can not get to the computer earlier in the morning. My 2 dogs love Friskies products.

    Sorry I missed this.

  9. hi i wrote yesterday still can not get through really would of like this for my new kitten and the older one as this is their faverite food only kind they will eat wet and dry friskies can you tell me how to sign upfor this link

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