Free Crispy Chicken Strips @ Burger King This Week

UPDATE: They seem to have removed the status?

Just a heads up, this is what Burger King posted on their facebook:

“Loved the new Crispy Chicken Strips this weekend? Come back for some more…for free! This week only, stop in to your local BURGER KING® restaurant and sample our Crispy Chicken Strips on the house, with your choice of new Kung Pao and Roasted Jalapeño Barbecue sauces!

At participating restaurants. While supplies last.”

Image Credit: Burger King

11 thoughts on “Free Crispy Chicken Strips @ Burger King This Week”

  1. buger King where i live is sooooooooooo slow and when u complain they look at u like u have 3 eyes.. 15 mins for 3 breakfast sandwiches is just not satifactory

  2. just an fyi, they took that post down and I went to burger king yesterday and they didn’t have any clue what i was talking about. so they are not free, no promotion this week

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