Free Redbox Video Game Rental

Note: Standard messaging rates apply when you text

Text TRYUS to 727272 and you should instantly receive a code good for a free Redbox Video Game rental. The code they give you should be good through August 1st, but keep in mind it’s only valid for a 1 night rental.

Image Credit: Redbox

4 thoughts on “Free Redbox Video Game Rental”

  1. I received the free code. Then I received another text from that number that said I entered my phone number to subscribe to a game service. They wanted me to text a Y to confirm it. Just letting people know to be cautious. This site didn’t tell us about anything like that.

  2. I got a message back saying they received my message, but we’re not sure what your trying to do; please reply with a valid keyword, I put Tryus in there! It would have just been cheaper on my end to just rent the darn thing as my phone is a prepaid phone and costs a dollar for each text!

    • It could be that because with this phone it does not allow me to type in capital letters after the 1st initial letter.

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