Free Sample Of Shout Color Catcher

It’s kind of a slow freebie day, so I’m bringing this one up again in case you haven’t requested it yet. Click here to visit the Shout site and fill out the form towards the right of the screen to request a free sample of Shout Color Catcher. Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Shout ; thanks for the reminder Megan!

97 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Shout Color Catcher”

  1. I really need to try Shout Color Catcher… Especially for when my boyfriend washes clothes. Everything goes in at the same time!!!

  2. I have use Shout before. I have been pleased with it. I would like to try the Shout Color Catcher too.

  3. when it says click here u go to sight to fill out form for free sample of shout and it wont let you fill it alll out

  4. I can fill everything out on the form except for when it comes to choosing the state it will not let me put my state in. It stops at DC

  5. I get these all the time. They must have millions of samples. I also use my other family members names to get samples. The thing is you have to use 2-3 each load- the instructions are on the box…

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