Free Samples of Dymatize Nutrition + Shaker + Sling Bag

UPDATE #2: No longer available 

UPDATE: It looks like you have to say “Yes” to the first question to continue

Click here to visit the Dymatize Nutrition and answer their 10 question survey. According to their facebook, everyone that does so will get free samples of their products, a shaker, and their brand new sling bag! Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Dymatize Nutrition

37 thoughts on “Free Samples of Dymatize Nutrition + Shaker + Sling Bag”

  1. I am interested in trying your brand.
    looking for something extra
    I have heard that your product is great.

  2. I did the survey but it never ask for a address or anything? Did anyone else have this problem!

  3. Thanks for offering the Free Bag + Merchandise + coupons, This will really help out at our household! Oh, and THANKS too for the Nutrition Product!!

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