Huge Dr. Oz Giveaway On 5/2 (15,000+ Prizes)

UPDATE: They’re currently on round 5, click here for the link

Just a heads up, it looks like Dr. Oz is having a huge giveaway on 5/2 with 15,000+ prizes. The prizes seem to be everything from a free juicer to a free trampoline.  You can click here for more info.

Basically there’s 4 parts to the giveaway, taking place every hour (on the hour) from 12 P.M. Eastern Time/9 A.M. Pacific Time – 4 P.M. Eastern Time/12 A.M. Pacific Time.

According to their site “To enter, during the Promotion Period, visit and follow the steps to complete and submit the Promotion entry form.”

Image Credit: Dr. Oz

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