New Coupon: $0.50 Off Poptarts (Can Be Mailed)

UPDATE: They took away the mail option, but you can still print it

  1. Click here to visit the Coupons site
  2. At this point you can print their coupon. If you rather have it mailed, just click the “Help” button on the lower right of the coupon page.
  3. *In case you’re not sure where the “help” button is, here’s what it looks like

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Image credit: Kellogs; thanks Jaimy!

4 thoughts on “New Coupon: $0.50 Off Poptarts (Can Be Mailed)”

  1. it wont let me get it mailed it takes me to the printer page and i click help and then it trys to tell me how too add the printer

  2. I clicked the help button and when the next page did not show anything about mailing the coupon, only how to print. My printer never works with the coupon printer. So I am out of luck now on this coupon, since there was no option of mailing it that I could find.

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