1st 3,000: Free Friskies Boredom Buster Kit

UPDATE: Gone for today, but it should come back again

NOTE: It’s still slow, but I added the direct link below, so it should work slightly better.

Click here to visit the Friskies app and there should be a form that you can fill out to request your freebie. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Friskies

7 thoughts on “1st 3,000: Free Friskies Boredom Buster Kit”

  1. we have 2 elder cats-Mitzi and Kiki-both love the Friskie shreded -also dry friskies-

  2. are they going to bring it back? it was just posted 15 mins ago!! and already closed?

  3. Thanks for the goodies for my kitties. I am sure they will chase them around until the drop to take a nap!

  4. my 4 cats love to play but get bored with thier toys fst and could really use some new ones. cant wait for the package in the mail

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