Free Febreze Set & Refresh Air Freshener

UPDATE: No longer available 

Note: If it’s not letting you fill out the whole form, try clicking the “tab” button

UPDATE: You can also click here for the direct link

Click here to visit the Febreeze facebook and like them. Then on the “Thanks A Million” tab, click “Febreze Set & Refresh Air Freshener” on the right corner and fill out the form on the next page to request your freebie. Look for it to arrive in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks.

Image Credit: Febreeze

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  1. I tried the site for my free sample and there is not enough room to answer all the questions.

  2. I have a dog and need to know i this works or pets , please let me try it ,if it does work I will be a customer for life

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