1st 30,000: Free Sample Of Caress Endless Kiss Body Wash

UPDATE: Live again! (Thanks Joanne!) Please note that with everyone on at once, their site might be slow to load. 

Just a heads up. On Monday July 16th, at Noon (Eastern Time)/ 9am (Pacific Time), Caress will be giving away 30,000 free samples of their Caress Endless Kiss. According to their terms, you can click here to visit the “Find Your Everyday Fabulous” tab, go to “Join The Endless Kiss,” and send a virtual kiss to a friend by clicking “Pucker Up.” If your submission is one of the first 30,000, you will be eligible to receive a sample.

thanks Rebecca!

Image Credit: Caress

247 thoughts on “1st 30,000: Free Sample Of Caress Endless Kiss Body Wash”

  1. I love Caress & would love to try a sample of your Caress Endless Kiss Body Wash. Thank you!

  2. Could really use this since I am on chemo that causes what they call hand and foot syndrome, where your hands and feel turn red and swell up, I need anything that helps keep my skin moist.

  3. From FB 1 minute ago (8:30 mst) Hi Caress® fans, we wanted to let you know that the Endless Kiss portion of the Find Your Everyday Fabulous app will not be launching this evening. We appreciate your continued patience and we’re sorry it’s taking longer than expected! If you have already claimed a sample, please don’t worry – you will still receive one. To those still waiting, we will post an update tomorrow at 12pm ET and we will not start the Endless Kiss before then. We’re overwhelmed at everyone’s excitement and we can’t wait to start the kissing 😉

  4. HI
    I liked the ad and the form came up only half way so I could not fill out my form. Is there a way you can send me the form again

  5. love to get one of those free samples of the caress endless kiss body wash, especially with the weather being so hot..lol

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