Free Sample Of Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent

Note: On the first question, you have to answer that you use different detergents on some wash loads.

Here’s another hot target freebie. Click here to visit their site. Then under the “Household” category, click request sample and take their quick survey. On the next page you’ll be able to fill out the form to request your free samples. Allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Woolite

59 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent”

    • If you want a free sample, then you have to follow the directions and link to fill out the survey and get the free sample from Woolite on the Target website. This website doesn’t actually give anyone free samples. They provide links so that you can get free samples from various companies. Really, can you not read the directions??

  1. Requested the Woolite Extra Dark Care detergent, Shout Color Catcher, & Starbucks K-cup packs samples from Target Sample Spot. Thanks!

  2. I love the dark clothes Woolite Can’t wait to try it. Keeps Colors brights bright and whites white

  3. I filled out the survey and at the end it said that I would get the sample. We shall see!! Thank you!

  4. I have always used Woolite ever since I was a teenager. I am 76 now and thanks to Woolite I have sweaters that will last longer than I will.

  5. I love Woolitedark for my work clothes, I really think it preserves the colors. I would love to give Extra dark a try!!

  6. I tried to order this sample and after I answered the first question and hit “next”, it would not move. After several trying several times, I changed my answer to see if it would move, and it told me I was not eligible. I also tried to do the sample for the color catchers and it would not move off the first question.

  7. I tried the color catchers and the woolite I answered the question then on both a message came up sorry you are not eligible how can you not be eligible for a free sample?

  8. It won’t let me go to the form to fill it out . What can i do to get this ? Will you please help me ? Thank You !

  9. On occasion, I must use a different, stronger detergent on my husbands extremely dirty work clothes.

  10. I guess they dont want me to get the free sample. Did not qualify…so I guess this means that I did not need to try it anyways..

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