Free Sample Pack Of Starbucks K-Cups

UPDATE: No longer available 

Note: For this one you have to answer that you have a Keurig brewer and that you haven’t purchased their K-Cups before or else it’ll give you an “out” message.

Click here to visit the Target site and scroll down to the “Grocery” category. Click “Request sample” and then just fill out the form to request a free sample. Allow 8-10 weeks for it to arrive by mail.

Image Credit: Starbucks; thanks Jennifer!

55 thoughts on “Free Sample Pack Of Starbucks K-Cups”

  1. I have a Keurig brewer and I have loved trying out the new K-cups! I think this is the coolest coffee invention yet! I haven’t tried Starbucks though but would love to!


    Pat McCamy

    • ok did it earse my first comment… not sure.. I just got the keurig and haven’t tried much would love to try this.. thanks

  2. I been trying to sign up to recieve the free sample of the starbucks K-Cups and it wont let me??

  3. tried to recieve this sample a few times but the website isnt working properly there is no submit or next button on the survey part??

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