Free Target Summer Beauty Bag (Comes With Free Samples & Coupons)

UPDATE: Hmmm… I don’t see it anymore as of 3:10am (Eastern Time)/ 12:10am (Pacific Time), so I’m going to move it to the “expired” section for now. I’ll let you know if it comes back.

Note: You might have to refresh the page

Click here to visit the Target site scroll down to the “Beauty” category. Click “Request Sample” and take their quick survey. Finally you’ll be able to request your free Target Beauty Bag. Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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41 thoughts on “Free Target Summer Beauty Bag (Comes With Free Samples & Coupons)”

      • ilove target, and i know that their beautify bag will be really nice, I never win anything, but stil enter once in a while wot place i g o frequently, love you targrt, thank you, sharon doble

  1. The beauty bag offer is not working! It will not allow you to go to the next step and input your information.

  2. did anyone else get a weird question at the end “three_three?” how are you supposed to answer that???

  3. On average how long is it taking for those who have requested Target samples before,for you to get them?

  4. I love Target, and I know that they will have beautiy bag that wiil be fantastic, but I don;t win, ever so I am not surewhuty in am entering, but I love target and my the best woman win, thank you, sharon doble

  5. over and over I went to the target site I had it and then there was some sort of malfunction and now I cant get the sample from Target that I was really looking forward to getting 🙁

  6. You put these out and I couldn’t get into getting one. They couldn’t go that fast as I got it I tried. I would like one of these.

  7. Just got it today which was really fast(only 5 days),loved it,came with a cute blue pouch which had samples of shampoo,conditioner,coupons,a lip “stain” sample and sun block as well.Defintely well worth it!Thanks so much!

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