Allure Freebies For Today: Cleansing Bar, Beachwaver, + More

UPDATE: No longer available


Just a heads up. Allure is giving away over 32,350 prizes all month long. The list below shows today’s prizes. When it’s time, just click here to visit the Allure site and fill out the form. Please keep in mind that you have to wait till the official time to fill out the form or else it won’t count towards that prize.

1PM Eastern Time/ 10AM Pacific Time: Free Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion – For 1st 500

2PM Eastern Time/ 11AM Pacific Time: Free Nails Inc. polish in Baker Street – For 1st 250

4PM Eastern Time/ 1PM Pacific Time: Free Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar – For 1st 100

5PM Eastern Time/ 2PM Pacific Time: Free Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Ionic Massage Brush – For 1st 100

7PM Eastern Time/ 4PM Pacific Time: Free Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray – For 1st 200

Image Credit: Allure

11 thoughts on “Allure Freebies For Today: Cleansing Bar, Beachwaver, + More”

  1. i love getting free stuff but how do u know if you are going to get the free item or not can someone please tell me maybe they could confirm you are one of the people who got in enough time thank you

  2. I’m currently unemployed and can’t afford to buy myself anything extra!!! I sure could use something free!

  3. When I go to fill out the information to get the free samples and click submit then the site says i have to fill in my password it wasnt there before when I filled out the site.. what is this all about I dont have a password

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