Free Box of Triscuit

UPDATE: This seems to go live randomly everyday, so if you don’t get it today, no worries because you should have another shot tomorrow 

Click here to visit their facebook and like them. Then on the “Topper’s Tantrum” tab, click prepare complaint. Make a funny complaint and you’ll be able to request a free box on the next page. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Hurry, because I don’t think this will last long at all.

Image Credit: Triscuits; thanks Dawn!

100 thoughts on “Free Box of Triscuit”

  1. we love triscuits – any way they come, plain, with butter, cheese, dip, you name we put in on our triscuits…….xxo

  2. I tried and tried the Tantrum Topper’s comment area, but got nowhere fast. I love Triscuits with sausage and Gouda cheese on them. Great late night snack!

  3. hi there….love triscuits,but dont you dare say you have to top them with anything…..maybe change the packaging

  4. Picked up my box went to check out and someone really wanted my triscuit they took it right out of my cart LOL oh course went to get another box 🙂

  5. Garlic and cracked pepper. One problem just not enough in the box. Just have to buy more to have enough ! Sure would like to have a free box

  6. I have been enjoying Triscuits since i was very young my mom bought them. .Thank you for the free box of Triscuit. I passed my love of triscuit to my kids.

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