HURRY 1st 10,000: Free Bottle of Bayer Aspirin

UPDATE: No longer available 

Click here to visit the I am ProHeart Facebook page. Under the “Bottle Giveaway” tab fill out the form to request for your own 24 count Genuine Bayer Aspirin. Note: Try refreshing if it won’t load (:

Image Credit: Bayer Aspirin

28 thoughts on “HURRY 1st 10,000: Free Bottle of Bayer Aspirin”

  1. I had a heart attack on 08/24/2012 and before I left for the hospital my daughter gave me a bayer aspirin. Thanks Bayer, the doctors said it helped.

  2. I go back many years with Bayer, 1st aspirin given to me by Mom. By the way I am 74. About the only pain killer we had, worked then and works now.

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