70 thoughts on “3 Free Samples Of Biore Products (Must Qualify)”

  1. I’ve been using Biore for several years now, mostly the strips. I would love to try the creams or washes!

  2. first i got an error page when checking if i qualified so i went back and did it again and it said only one offer per household…does that mean I qualified?

  3. said I did not qualify for it, I sent them a message as I have spent many a $$ on their products and for them to tell me I did not qualify for their so called free samples just blows my mind! Just WHAT does it take to qualify?

  4. ‘m going to give the exact answers to every single one that FINALLY got me a free sample. Birth year 1985. /How many skin products: 2 /I pay more attention to my skin: Agree Strongly /I am willing to pay more: Agree Strongly /How likely are you to recommend: Very Likely /What Biore products do you use: NONE /What brand of face care do you use most often: MAry Kay /Which of the following products do you typically use: Facial moisturizing lotion/cream and Make-up remover /Which attributes would you be interested in a face product: Convenience /Which problems are you concerned about: Rosacea, Uneven Skin Tone, Uneven Texture /Skin type: Dry /Race: White /Latino: no And don’t check ANY of the boxes at the bottom. If you’ve already been rejected once just do it again with a new email address using the above criteria.

  5. now i feel as if i was fooled into giving my personal info to u and will receive nothing more in return..other than the fact that u will sell MY info to other parties..shameful! how do i NOT qualify for a free sample..i have been eager to try and i am one of those people who DOES try my free samples and many times DOES turn around and change to that product. thanks for nothing more than aggravation!

    • Hey Amy, please keep in mind I don’t run these sites. I just find the links for you guys 🙂

      • i dint realize it would be u to respond,..i actually was HOPING someone from Biore would,..thx for what u do but i am disappointed in the companies that i feel falsely advertise.. :/

        • I agree, you are not the only one that was scammed. There were 3 of us in the family that were not qualified in 3 different age brackets. 20’s 40’s 60’s
          acne, blackheads & pimples, & dry/oily skin…. None of those qualified… wth

    • Someone earlier wrote to look at the answers that were posted on Mar 31st & enter those. I too was denied & followed their advise & it worked. I first tried to answer all the same & list Male as my gender & was denied. When I went back & changed my gender to female it worked fine & will receive the samples in about 2 months.

    • Follow the answers that someone posted earlier on Mar31st. It works! It just won’t work if you say you are a male.

  6. Qualified. So Excited!
    Also was given a code to use for there reward system
    Good Luck to everyone 🙂

  7. 🙁 Received the following after clicking on the link: “Due to an overwhelming response, this offer is no longer available. We appreciate your interest.”

  8. I love Biore , these prouts are great for everyday use. They cleanse and leave my skin so soft and smooth.

  9. never tried it i have heard aot about it i have sensitie skin soon im trying hse smplesto see i it wil work fo my skin

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