Free 2 Year Subscription to US Weekly Magazine

UPDATE: no longer available 

TIP: Where it asks you for a friend’s email, you can just put in a random one like

Click here to visit the Rewards Gold site and fill out the form/take a quick survey to request a free subscription to US Weekly. Hurry because these always go quick.

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29 thoughts on “Free 2 Year Subscription to US Weekly Magazine”

  1. Agree with Michael. I was sure i wouldn’t get it. I’m not even sure it was like that. Hope they enjoy my reviews of products.

  2. Hope I get this! I already have a 1 yr subscription going but hopefully it would be added on to the end. I’ve received several subscriptions through RewardsGold – no issues, no spam.

  3. Just got mine… for all the reviews i just copied and pasted the same one so i didnt have to write a whole essay 😉

  4. I answered all the questions and wrote a valid review….but got tired and copy and pasted random stuff in the rest of the reviews. Do you think someone is actually reading them all before sending the magazine?

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