Free Sample Of Dove ClearTone Skin Renew Deodorant

Note: The Target site has been known to be buggy, so you might have to refresh the page

Click here to visit the Target site and click “Request Sample.” Then just fill out the form and answer their quick questions to request a free sample of Dove ClearTone Skin Renew Deodorant. Allow 8-10 weeks for your free samples by mail.

Image Credit: Dove

30 thoughts on “Free Sample Of Dove ClearTone Skin Renew Deodorant”

  1. Didn’t work the first time, but the second was a breeze, even got the shampoo as well…love what you are doing here, thanks so much!

  2. I followed the directions which stated that you might have to reload the page. Started the first question had a problem. Reloaded the page and no more problems. Got the deodorant sample and also the shampoo sample. No problems.

  3. Doesn’t work on Chrome, tried to get it to work on firefox, got “Sorry, we’re unable to verify your address with USPS. Please look it over, resubmit and we’ll continue the order process.”

  4. Fist time the page wouldn’t load for me. I closed out and tried again and was able to get my sample. Should arrive in 8-10 weeks 🙂

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