Free Thit! T-Shirt

Click here to visit the thit! site and register on the first page with the invitation code zt4E74 (Uploading a picture is optional and I just put my phone number as 555-555-5555). Then on the next page just fill out the form to request your free t-shirt.

*In case you’re wondering what Thit! is, it’s supposed to be a new social networking site. You can read more about it by clicking here

Image Credit: Thit!

33 thoughts on “Free Thit! T-Shirt”

    • I you want a free shirt just click on the link above and follow what it says. They cant send you anything unless you fill out the info.

  1. i have many pairs of shoes and sneakers that would perfectly match that t-shirt. Plus i love wearing t-shirts. the color looks good on me.

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