New Coupon: $2 Off Any Size, Any Flavor Of Ovaltine

UPDATE: No longer available 

Ovaltine just released a new coupon on their facebook for $2 off any size, any flavor of Ovatine. The Ovaltine Chocolate Mix is around $2.94 @ Walmart, so $0.94 after coupon 🙂

1. Click here to visit the Ovaltine facebook and like them.

2. Then on the “Ovaltine Coupon” tab, click “Save $2”

3. At this point you can print their coupon.

4. If you rather have it mailed, just click the “Help” button on the lower right of the coupon page.

*In case you’re not sure where the “help” button is, here’s what it looks like

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Image credit: Ovaltine

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