1st 2,000: Free Sample of Cream of Wheat Chocolate

UPDATE: Live again @ 8am (Eastern Time) / 5 am (Pacific Time)

Click here to visit the Cream of Wheat facebook and request your free sample on the “Free Sample tab. Just like them and fill out the form. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 

Image Credit: Cream Of Wheat

50 thoughts on “1st 2,000: Free Sample of Cream of Wheat Chocolate”

  1. Can’t wait to try the chocolate version…Remeber adding cocoa to my regular cream of wheat as a kid!!

  2. We’re out of samples for today,
    10/12/12. Please check back
    after 8am EST tomorrow for more
    Cream Of Wheat samples.

  3. How can i get a sample when u start giveinf them out and I got to work, And by the time I get home they have gave all the samples our for the day

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