Free Beauty Bag From Target

UPDATE: No longer available 🙁

Click here to visit Facebook and request your free Beauty Bag from Target. Just click “Get Yours Here” and fill out a short information form on the “Beauty Bag” tab, to receive your free beauty bag, which comes with awesome free samples and coupons. The beauty bag contains multiple samples and will ship in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Image Credit: Target

89 thoughts on “Free Beauty Bag From Target”

  1. Well the bag has a real fantastic pattern , and l would be honoured to have one all for little old me ..

  2. So happy to receive this free bag of beauty aids. Thanks so much. Will do more shopping at my nearest Target Oboro KY & Eville IN Becky Darlene Davis

  3. I would love to try your products. Every one of them sounds so much needed. Hope i get the chance to find out.

  4. Willing to try all these wonderful
    products featured – I’ve never won anything before, and I am anxious too give these a try.

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