Free Beauty Bag from Target (Comes With Free Samples & Coupons)

UPDATE: Awwwwww man, their site says out now 🙁

Note: This is a new link, so you can request this one in addition to the one that was offered on facebook a while back

I haven’t been able to get through yet (woohoo! It took some refreshing, but I finally got through), but you can click here to try and score a free Beauty Bag courtesy of Target. This always comes with lots of free samples and coupons. If you don’t get through now, check back in a bit when less people are on their site.

Thanks Jovi!

Image Credit: Target

62 thoughts on “Free Beauty Bag from Target (Comes With Free Samples & Coupons)”

  1. There’s so many people trying to “claim” a gift bag, that’s why we are receiving the Error. Keep trying, I’m not giving up yet! 🙂

  2. Won’t load for me either. This looks just like the last beauty bag they offered and said would be their last one.

  3. I enjoy shopping at Target They have better grade clothing and selection of products that are needed everyday or for special days.

  4. I finally got through. Got to the end and was also getting the error that it could not be processed for my security question. Spelled out the answer and capitalized the first letter. So it was two – one? I tried the number 1, one, and finally One worked. Good luck!

  5. Woohoo! mailed in 8-10 weeks 🙂 Can’t wait. Says it’s samples for Fall, but will probably be winter by the time I get it. Oh well, who cares…free samples, YAY 🙂

  6. Have been trying for a couple hours already, won’t go any furthere than the 1st survey question. After 7 minutes of waiting you have to click again and it goes back to 1st questiion. 🙁

  7. i have requested every time and have yet to ever receive a bag. it always says i will receive one but i never do.

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